Ken Shelley Easel Artist: Susan Shockey


Each month, the Fine Arts Department Faculty selects one student to feature in the High School Media Center on the “Ken Shelly Easel”.  Ken Shelly was an art teacher at Bridgetown Junior High who had a tremendous impact on thousands of students during his career in the Oak Hills School District. After his death, the High School Art Department purchased his artist’s easel with the intent of utilizing it to display the work of young artist who have taken risks buy demonstrating technical and/or conceptual growth in their artworks.

Ms. Schorsch selected the following artist to be featured on the Ken Shelley Easel for their outstanding commitment to their art and their effort to continue to grow creatively.


Susan was chosen as a Ken Shelley Easel artist because of her dedication to the visual arts, her exceptional work ethic and personal standards, and continual push to develop conceptually as an artist.  Susan not only works to further her own arts education, but is also always willing and available to give suggestions or feedback to her peers in class.  As a result of her efforts, Susan has been awarded a Gold Key in the Scholastics Art Competition, participated in the Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition Competition, and exhibited as a part of Teen Advisory Board’s Cincinnati Art Museum show.

“Art has been an outlet for me, a way to express myself and give my interpretation of life”.
-Susan Shockey

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