Ken Shelley Easel Artists: Jackie Switzer and Aaron McAfee

 Each month, the Fine Arts Department Faculty selects one student to feature in the High School Media Center on the “Ken Shelley Easel”.  Ken Shelley was an art teacher at Bridgetown Junior High who had a tremendous impact on thousands of students during his career in the Oak Hills School District. After his death, the High School Art Department purchased his artist’s easel with the intent of utilizing it to display the work of young artist who have taken risks buy demonstrating technical and/or conceptual growth in their artworks.

Mrs. Dignan-Cummins selected the following artists to be featured on the Ken Shelley Easel for their outstanding commitment to their art and their effort to continue to grow creatively.

Jackie is currently taking Art 1 where she created this drawing of her hand holding needle nose pliers.  She did an incredible job capturing details, retaining accurate proportions, and controlling pencil pressure. Prior to Art 1, she took regular art classes in elementary school where she primarily worked with pencils.  In the future, Jackie hopes to use her incredible artistic talents to become a professional artist.

Aaron is currently taking Art 1 where he created this drawing of a plant using prismacolor pencils.  He did a wonderful job of capturing realistic details and using line weight to show the depth.

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