National Art Honor Society

Students studying the Visual Arts have the opportunity to pursue membership in the National Art Honor Society. The NAHS’s purpose is to inspire and recognize students who have shown outstanding ability in the Visual Arts’ to foster a greater understanding of the local and global art communities, traditions, and histories; and to further aesthetic awareness in all aspects of the Visual Arts.

Membership in the National Art Honor Society is based upon art scholarship, service, and character. Members are immersed in school, local and global community service; exhibition and festival organization; and a variety of diverse opportunities. Applications are available following 1st semester, and induction into the Society will take place at an Induction Ceremony in the early spring. To be eligible for NAHS, students must maintain a 3.0 average in all of their coursework, demonstration art scholarship, and obtain art teacher recommendation. Benefits include a national membership, recognition at graduation, and the option of a cord to wear at graduation.

To review the NAHS Constitution By Laws for our Chapter view the following document: NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY BYLAWS

To visit the NAHS website:

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