Sculptures: Public Art @ OHHS


Hero Bearcats took place throughout greater Cincinnati and the University of Cincinnati campus between April and September 2019, as a way to celebrate the University’s Bicentennial. Hero Bearcats will be a way for the community to engage with the University’s beloved mascot by interacting will life-sized statues, designed by local artists, that are inspired by and celebrate the everyday heroes that live and work among us all. The University of Cincinnati believes there is dignity within every person/profession, and this will be a great way to celebrate the difference each person can make to contribute to a stronger community and a better world.

“Engineering Bearcat”, 2019 Located on Calhoun Street in Clifton
Created by Destanie Sexton and Visual Arts Educator: Jamie Schorsch


“The Hoglander” and “Technohoglogic”, 2012
Created by Studio Art AP and Visual Arts Educator: Jamie Schorsch


For 15 years, Art IV students participated in a life body plaster cast sculpture project. The purpose of these collaborative student projects was to encourage young artists to use their talents to speak out on socio-political issues. These sculptures are in permanent collections in such places as Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; the Cincinnati Police Department and P.O.M.C. Headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. The following two sculptures were housed in the Oak Hills High School Media Center.

“A Tribute of Oak hills Art Students, 1996” and “In Memory of Columbine, 1999”
Created by Senior Art IV Students and Visual Arts Educator: Jan Thomas