R and D and Art History AP

A select number of AP art history teachers from high schools across the nation have been invited to participate in a unique research project to discuss the curricula for high school art history courses. The research will be used to help the College Board, the organization that is best-known for the SATs and the Advanced Placement (AP) Program, evaluate their new AP Art History curriculum. This is a special opportunity for art history teachers to provide guidance on the AP art history course.  Oak Hills High School Art History AP teacher, Jamie Schorsch, was selected as a part of the study and evaluation.

“Ms. Schorsch’s AP Art History class is one of my favorite bells.  She does an amazing job keeping things interesting, but at the same time teachus students the content we need to know.  She keeps us on task and always manages the little amount of time we are given to fill our heads with as much information as possible.  MS. Schorsch is not just mine, but many of the Oak Hills students favorite teachers because she makes learning enjoyable”.  – Sarah Shoemaker, Grade 12

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