2023 Scholastic Art Awards Winners!

Each year, the Alliance partners with more than 100 visual arts and literary arts organizations across the country to bring the Scholastic Awards to local communities. Teens in grades 7–12 (ages 13 and up) apply in 29 categories of art and writing. Submissions are juried by luminaries in the visual and literary arts, some of whom are past award recipients. Panelists look for works that best exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.

Award notifications are in! Congratulations to these very talented OHHS Art and Design students on their accomplishments this year in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Art Portfolio: Gold Key Winner
Marshall Shorten

This highly competitive category is based upon submission of a series of 6 distinct works that communicate a single cohesive idea or visual investigation and accompanying artist statement. 

American Visions Award Nominee: Gold Key Winner
Molly Audretch

Each regional program will nominate five teens for the American Voices Award or American Visions Award. Nominees must have a Gold Key work with an original, authentic voice or vision. National jurors will select one nominee from each region for the American Voices or Visions Award.

Molly Audretch, “An Upward Glance”

Gold Key Winners

Below are the works that earned Gold Keys, the highest level of achievement on the regional level. Approximately 7 – 10% of all regional submissions are recognized with Gold Key Awards and all are considered for national-level recognition.

Anna Ackman, “Confinement”, Gold Key
Anna Ackman, “Crysanthemum and the Crow”, Gold Key
Molly Audretch, “Flying Free”, Gold Key
Molly Lorenz, “The Learning Tree”, Gold Key
Sophia Osborne, “Morning Coffee”, Gold Key
Marshall Shorten, “Afterglow”, Gold Key
Corey Willet, “It’s Been A Long Day”, Gold Key

Silver Key Winners

Approximately 10 – 15% of all regional submissions are recognized with Silver Key Awards.

Anna Ackman, “Modern Vanitas”, Silver Key
Anna Ackman, “Hush”, Silver Key
Molly Audretch, “Care Bear Stare”, Silver Key
Anna Caito, “Pressure”, Silver Key
Scout Estes, “Sister”, Silver Key
Jada Kidd, “Queen of Clubs”, Silver Key
Molly Lorenz, “As the World Burns”, Silver Key
Sophia Osborne, “Mom’s Bakery”, Silver Key
Anne Riley, “Waiting”, Silver Key
Anne Riley, “Little Ones”, Silver Key
Sarah Young, “Sunday Morning”, Silver Key

Honorable Mentions

Approximately 15 – 20% of all regional submissions receive Honorable Mention Awards.

Kendall Crum, “The Watcher”, Honorable Mention
Kelsey Gallagher, “Melancholy”, Honorable Mention
Ashlynn Kleier, “The Female Experience”, Honorable Mention
Molly Lorenz, “Daily Ritual”, Honorable Mention
Molly Lorenz, “The Thicket of Things”, Honorable Mention
Ava Marsh, “Lunch”, Honorable Mention
Abigail Miley, “War is Torture to the Pacifist”, Honorable Mention
Alyssa Miller, “Everlasting Life”, Honorable Mention
Sophia Reid, “Optimism”, Honorable Mention
Ethan Ridder, “Grasping”, Honorable Mention
Adrianna Russ, “Pondering”, Honorable Mention
Brenna Schirmer, “Blinded”, Honorable Mention
Lizzie Schreibeis, “Whirlwind”, Honorable Mention
Lizzie Schreibeis, “Truth or DARE”, Honorable Mention
Marshall Shorten, “You or Me”, Honorable Mention
Emma Simon, “Vacant”, Honorable Mention
Jordan Tinsley, “Ella”, Honorable Mention
Andrew Wubbolding, “Ghostly Figures”, Honorable Mention

2 OHHS Art and Design Student Advance to the 2023 Overture Awards Semi-Finals!

For the first time, OHHS has 2 Semi-Finalists for the Overture Awards!

Congratulations to OHHS Art and Design seniors Tiffany Truong and John Gray, whose portfolio of works were 2 of the 15 Semi-Finalists selected from this year’s entries for the 2023 Visual Arts Competition of The Overture Awards.

John and Tiffany, who were nominated by Ms. Schorsch, will compete against 13 other Semi-Finalists from schools around the region. Entries advancing to the finals will be announced on February 21, 2023

The Overture Awards Competition is the area’s largest solo arts competition and offers awards in six artistic disciplines: creative writing, dance, instrumental music, theater, visual art, and vocal music. For the 2023 competition, students may win $4,000 (one awarded in each discipline) or a $1000 finalist award. Judges at all levels of the competition are drawn from the professional arts community.

John Gray
Tiffany Truong

The 2023 Save Local Waters Rain Barrel Art Project

The Rain Barrel Art Project was created to promote the use of rain barrels throughout the Ohio River Valley area through a creative and educational medium. The Rain Barrel Art Project desires to educate people on environmental issues like stormwater runoff, watersheds, and water conservation.

Rain barrels continue to grow in popularity across the country. However, one of its biggest drawbacks is its dull appearance. Some people are less likely to use them given their negative aesthetic impact on residential and commercial landscaping, even though they conserve water and save money. The “Save Local Waters” initiative believes that producing beautiful artistic rain barrels that have unique painted details will make them more desirable and naturally increase interest to promote their use.

Ms. Kopf’s Painting and Public Art and Ms. Schorsch’s National Art Honor Society students will be creating 5 Rain Barrels for this year’s event! Congratulations to all of the students who were selected by their peers to submit pieces for the jurying.

Completed Rain Barrels will be displayed at the Cincinnati Zoo along with the Online Auction and Artist Reception. Stay tuned to dates!

Congratulations to Bri Brown, Teagan Charles, Evie Neuhaus, Predmore, and Leah Stolla on the selection of their design by the “Save Local Waters” committee for this year’s event!

2023 OHHS Art and Design Overture Awards Nominees to Participate in Regional Competition

The Overture Awards is a program that recognizes, encourages, and rewards excellence in the arts among Greater Cincinnati students in grades 9-12. Its mission is to encourage arts education as an integral part of a student’s academic experience and to create an environment that encourages training in, and appreciation of, the arts. The Overture Awards Competition is the area’s largest solo arts competition and offers awards in six artistic disciplines: creative writing, dance, instrumental music, theater, visual art, and vocal music. For the 2022 competition, students may win $3,000 (one awarded in each discipline) or a $1,000 finalist award. Judges at all levels of the competition are drawn from the professional arts community.

Best of luck in the Regional Competition to OHHS Art and Design students Kelsey Gallagher, John Gray, Sophia Osborne, Tiffany Truong, and Sarah Young who were nominated by Ms. Schorsch to participate in this year’s competition. Check out a sampling of their portfolio of work submissions below:

Kelsey Gallagher
John Gray
Sophia Osborne
Sarah Young
Tiffany Truong

2022 Fall “Celebrating Art” OHHS Art and Design Students to Be Published

“Celebrating Art” is devoted to the promotion and appreciation of student art. The intent of their student art contest is to motivate student artists. The top entries are published in an anthology that will record the creative works of today’s student artists.

Students recently submitted work and 52 OHHS Art and Design students were invited to be published in the Fall 2022 “Celebrating Art”!  Only the best art is selected to be included in the full-color hardbound art book, “Celebrating Art”. Additionally, final judging for the “Top Ten Artist” and “High Merit Artist” awards will be completed and announced soon. The following students should feel honored. This is not a contest where every entry is invited to be published and is a highly selective competition. Thousands of entries were not invited to be published. Being published represents a lot of talent, hard work, and dedication from students.

Congratulations to the following students:

From Schorsch’s Drawing and Printmaking, Art Foundations, and Studio Art AP 3D Design, 2D Design, and Drawing classes: 

Anna Ackman
Kaylin Bailey
Martina Bustillo Ventisca
Scout Estes
John Gray
Jada Kidd
Hope Klump
Molly Lorenz
Emma McCarthy
Sophia Osborne
Sophia Reid
Ethan Ridder
Adriana Russ
Brenna Schirmer
Kaylin Schirmer
Marshall Shorten
Jordan Tinsley
Lydia Wilson
Silas Witt
Rachel Wunderlich
Sarah Young

From Amb’s Art Foundations, Graphic Art Foundations, and Ceramics classes: 

Tristan Arauz
Rylee Dissinger
Madison Doyle
Kendalyn Kress
Evelyn Mendez-Coronado
Jessica Miller
Alyssa Miller
Devin Shields
Alexis Singson
Dawson Wagel

From Kopf’s Art Foundations, Digital Art Foundations, and Painting and Public Art classes: 

Teegan Charles
Evelyn Dann
Grace Gray
Stephanie Herold
Lily Keith
Kiki Schmidt

From Dignan-Cummins’ Ceramics, Honors Enamels, Mosaic, and Glass, Honors Fiber Arts and Sculpture classes:

Boaz Doyle
Seasa Elam
Opel Gibbs
Alyssa Giordano
Emma Highlander
Noah Hutchinson
Raegan Louis
Ava Marsh
Samantha McDonald
Taylor Messer
Sarah O’Shea
Grace Scheckel
Marshall Shorten
Maya Weller
Sarah Young