Congratulations to the following students on their selected Reflections submissions at the district level.  The students’ work will  be sent on to Hamilton County for further competition.

Visual Arts – 1st place – Cameron Suter “David and Goliath
                    2nd place – Emily Adkins “Keep Out”
                    3rd place – Taylor Helms “Magic of a Moment”
                    Honorable Mention – Emily Stalbaum “Skyline Gazing”
                    Honorable Mention – Erika Frondorf “Glowing Girl”

Photography – 1st place – Emily Adkins “Little Piggys”
                      2nd place – Emily Adkins “Adoption”
                      3rd Place – Emily Adkins “Reflect of Light”
                      Honorable Mention – Emily Adkins “Pumpkin Patch”
                      Honorable Mention – Emily Adkins “Grandpa’s lake”

"David and Goliath"Cameron Suter

“David and Goliath”
Cameron Suter

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