OHLSD Art Teachers Exhibit in Parallel Visions X

The Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery, at Mount St. Joseph University, is pleased to present an exhibition of recent artworks from talented regional art educators, highlighting their ongoing commitment to the visual arts in the classroom and from their own studios.

The Exhibition will run from November 2nd-December 5th 2014.  Stop by and see the recent works of OHLSD Art Educators:

Stacey Battoclette:  Rapid Run Middle School
Mary Baumgartner: Delhi Middle School
Kristen Campbell:  Oak Hills High School
Bridget Dignan-Cummins:  Oak Hills High School
Joni Farrow:  Oakdale Elementary
Steve Groh:  Oak Hills High School
Sherry Middendorf-Fuller:  C.O. Harrison Elementary
Katie Rigney:  Oak Hills High School
Jamie Schorsch:  Oak Hills High School


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