OHHS Art Teacher Jamie Schorsch Selected to Submit Student Artwork to Represent House District 30 in the Inaugural Ohio House of Representatives Student Art Exhibition

The Ohio House of Representatives (OHR) and Ohio Arts Council (OAC) are hosting and launching the year-round Ohio Student Visual Art Exhibition that will reside at the Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts.The location of the exhibition is the connector from the Riffe Center that leads thousands of individuals to and from the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.

The Ohio Art Education Association (OAEA) Southwest Regional Directors, Kate Ungrund & Hilary Carvitti, selected Jamie Schorsch, visual arts educator at Oak Hills High School, to represent House District 30 in the inaugural exhibition. Schorsch was charged with the task of selecting the two artworks, one of which that will be displayed in the 2016 Exhibition and one that will be displayed in the 2017 Exhibition. The inaugural entries submitted to the OHR Exhibition from House District 30, and Oak Hills High School, are:

Jamie Schorsch was honored to be the first art teacher selected from House District 30 to participate in the exhibition and represent Oak Hills High School, as were her students Taylor Helms and Marissa Ryan!

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