Celebrating Art: Summer 2016 High Merit Students Announced

Congratulations to our students whose art was selected as a High Merit piece for the Summer 2016 Celebrating Art competition and publication! Having a High Merit award means the art was an exceptional piece. High Merit work is far above their grade level and often considered the “Mozart of Art” (a child prodigy) among the entries. In the book, the Top Ten winners and also other excellent pieces that are given High Merit are recognized. Out of thousands of entries received for the Summer 2016 contest, their work stood out as being one of the top 5% submitted. Students’ art selected as High Merit work receives special recognition in the publication as it is be displayed as a High Merit piece.
Congratulations to OHHS Art and Design students Megan Kappen and Julia Gomien on being selected as the Summer 2016 High Merit students.

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