OHHS Art and Design students selected for the “Great Parks Art Competition”

Congratulations to the following OHHS Art and Design students who were selected to be one of the 48 art students selected for an opportunity to attend a professional 2 day art workshop with nationally acclaimed artists Wanda Mumm and David Rankin:

Alaina Broughton
Autumn Shelton
Lulu Thornton

Great Parks Art Competition and Workshop Information

Students will develop a sustainable and structured process that will mirror the established methods and practices that contemporary artists use today. The class will be a focused approach, yet give the students the tools to be independent to explore across their chosen medium to build strong art skills. This art experience will give students a chance to experience various college level concepts:

  • using value to create depth
  • create good composition for better paintings
  • learn the use of temperature and atmospheric color to create  spatial planes.

This course will be a hands-on format where students work at improving their individual skill sets. We will help you understand how to get to the next level. The students will all be in a large group initially regardless of the medium selected for the workshop to go over concepts and practices about creating art in general. Then the students will be broken up into the two mediums and continue their work for the rest of the weekend.  Wanda’s Oil Class will work with the students in mini painting exercises the first day. These mini exercises will prepare the student to create a solo piece of art the second day that will be of their choosing. Wanda will help each student achieve their individual best outcome. For the Watercolor Class, David will explain and work with students to start their own art journals using sketching and watercolor techniques to record impressions the students see in their lives.

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