2018 OHHS Art and Design Collaborative Sculpture

The students in Ms. Kopf’s Graphic Arts MX class, along with the Robotics students, worked collaboratively to create a recycled wood assemblage. The idea for our assemblage is based on the assemblage work of Louise Nevelson.


The Graphic Arts MX class, a small group of students from specialized classrooms, have been challenged to:
-Select and paint interesting pieces of wood, covering all sides of the wood
-Assemble the wood in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.
The Robotics students have been challenged to
-Collect the recycled wood from projects, cut some wood to size, sand rough edges.
-Create a secure base/frame for the assemblage, which will hang on a wall.
-Discover a way to safely anchor/connect the wood to the base/frame of the assemblage

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Mr Brandt approved our final work to hang at District Office.

2018 OHHS Art and Design Collaborative Sculpture

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