OHHS Studio Art AP and the AAC Artist & Writer in Residence Program

Ms. Schorsch’s Studio Art AP 2D Design and Drawing students are participating in the Art Academy of Cincinnati’s Artist & Writer in Residence program. The program focuses on the 21st Century Thinking skill of ‘Creativity’ and how to think like an artist. Students have been working with our Artist in Residence, Jay DeFazio, exploring the creative process necessary to developing the Concentration section of their Studio Art AP portfolios. The Concentration of the portfolio focuses on the investigation of a theme which they selected to research and explore through the creation of a body of artwork. Students embarked on the Artist in Residence experience by discussing creativity and brainstorming, participated in group critiques of their works, and recently visited the 2019 Scholastic Art Exhibition at the AAC. At the exhibition, students explore 5 floors of artwork, identified works that impacted them, and crafted letters to the students who created those artworks in various school throughout the Greater Cincinnati area as a means of critical reflection.

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