The Drawing and Printmaking 2018-19 Rohingya Memory Project Delivery Video

The Memory Project portraits that the OHHS Drawing and Printmaking students, local teachers, and artists created earlier this fall were successfully delivered to the children and teens from Rohingya. The Rohingya ethnic minority has been called the “most unwanted” group of people on Earth. Nearly a million fled genocide in Rakhine Myanmar last year and are currently sheltering in a huge refugee settlement in Bangladesh. Most of these families have little more than a few cooking pans and a handful of clothes. For these children, who have rarely seen photos of themselves, the portraits are gifts they could never have previously imagined.

The people at The Memory Project wanted us to know that the children were so excited to receive the portraits and absolutely loved them! The following video of the delivery begins with an introduction to our Drawing and Printmaking students, along with other local artists and teachers that created portraits for the teachers in the refugee camps, and their work and then shows the children receiving their portraits together at all the different locations that were involved.

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