The Art Will Go On!

On March 12th, our OHHS Art and Design students left for Spring Break uncertain of what the rest of the school year would look like and some of their projects came to a screeching halt. Here is a glimpse of some of the murals the students were working on and what they will return to and complete in the future.

The NAHS Nicki Musgrove Memorial Mural
NAHS was moving right along with the revision of the Nicki Musgrove memorial mural. Nicki was a beloved OHLSD Art Teacher that inspired the students at Rapid Run Middle School. In 2012, Nicki lost a long-fought battle with breast cancer but her memory and words live on in the halls of OHHS where many of the students she taught continued their studies in art and design.

The Michelle Taylor Memorial Mural
Right across from the Nicki Musgrove mural, spanning the massive wall in the courtyard will be the home of the Michelle (Minkle) Taylor Memorial Mural. Tragically, and unexpectedly, Minkle passed away in 2018. Minkle inspired her students and colleagues with her passion for teaching, her impact on OHHS will never be forgotten. The Painting and Mixed Media students, along with a little help from Kopf’s Art Foundations students, started the massive undertaking of preparing the wall which will be an amazing addition to the courtyard when completed.

Destanie Sexton’s Capstone Mural
Right up the stairs from the memorial murals, is a mural that was designed and created by OHHS Art and Design student Destanie Sexton as a part of her Capstone project exploring the emotional impact of public art. Destanie will be graduating this year, but we won’t leave her mural incomplete! This project will be added to next year’s list of works to complete.

Legacy Murals
In 2018, the Painting and Mixed Media classes began the tradition of creating Legacy Murals. Each year, each class will create a mural on AlumaCorr that commemorates the year’s events. The completed panels are then installed in the ‘Mile Long’ hallway. While the 2020 murals won’t be possible to complete this year, I’m sure the 2021 murals will weave in the impact of the events of the 2019-2020 school year.

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