OHHS Art and Design Student Competes in the International Comic/Manga Contest

As schools shut down across Ohio in March, OHHS Art and Design student Patrick Thibodeaux discovered, and seized, an amazing opportunity! Patrick reached out to his Drawing and Printmaking teacher, Ms. Schorsch, about the International Comic/Manga competition he was interested in creating work for during the quarantine.
The International Comic/Manga contest is a manga, comic and illustration competition open to students worldwide. Winners are eligible for cash prizes, digital creation software, pen tablets, and chances to be featured in media publications! The contest is also an opportunity to have work judged and critiqued by professional creators and apply critical feedback to boost skills. The contest winners will be announced by July.
This year’s contest theme was “Promise”. Patrick chose to create his work in the media of scratchboard which he was recently introduced to in the class. Check out Patrick’s submission, “American Abyss”, below!

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