OHLSD Art and Design Students Contribute to Hearts of Hope

Former OHLSD art teacher, Stacie Kearns, is currently working on a project to help show our health care workers some love called “Hearts for Hope”. Stacie’s mission as an artist is to spread LOVE, JOY, HOPE, and HEALING through the power of art and she is encouraging people to create a heart with the word hope on it and share it. Her goal is to put them all into a collaborative video to share with hospitals and health care workers and she is reaching out to art teachers and teachers to assign this project with their students and be in charge of compiling their heart art into a single image/images that could be turned into a video.

Some of the students at Oak Hills High School and Oakdale Elementary have been busy creating works to contribute to the cause! Spread the word! Let’s make a difference! #hearts4hope

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