2021 Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition Regional Finalists

The Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition is dedicated to the educational and artistic advancement of our talented young people in the state of Ohio. The exhibition is open to all of Ohio’s 1,112 high schools, both public and private, chartered by the State of Ohio Department of Education. Their purpose is to provide all budding young artists of the state with opportunities to advance their talent, whether that be through scholarships or simply experiencing the process of entering their work in a competition. The exhibition is a valuable incentive for our young people; it encourages an appreciation for the arts throughout Ohio and reflects the fine quality of art instruction and talent which exists in our state.

Congratulations to the following OHHS Art and Design students whose work was selected from the regional level of judging to advance to the state level of judging for the 2021 Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition.  

Henry Groh, “Pensivity”
Logan Jones, “Motel”
Flynn Koehler, “Child’s Play”
Sophia Osborne, “Dizzy in the Head”

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