2021 OHHS Permanent Art Collection Winners Announced!

Jenna Rogozinski and Olivia Burnett are the class of 2021 Permanent Art Collection winners and their work is now a part of a continuing tradition of artistic excellence at Oak Hills.

The Senior Permanent Art Collection started over 25 years ago when the Student Council decided to enrich the daily experience of Oak Hills High School students by hanging art posters throughout the building. This sparked a partnership between the Art & Design Department and Student Council- the creation of a Permanent Student Art Collection competition. The competition was established for seniors who have enrolled in any art and design course during their time at Oak Hills High School. Students could submit up to 2 original artworks to be juried, with the chosen works to be professionally framed and presented to our school district at awards night.

These original artworks have been framed by Picture Frame Co. and will be added to the growing collection of over 139 artworks prominently displayed throughout Oak Hills High School and District Office.

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