OHHS Art and Design and USA Miniprints for Peace and Justice

The 2nd annual challenge and exhibit of Miniprints for Peace and Justice by American Artists and Artists living in the USA, launched by SOS ART is now available for online viewing! It is again being held online due to the persistent COVID-19 pandemic crisis and the resulting social distancing situation. Due to the crisis, participation has also been limited this year. Presented in the online gallery are the works submitted both last year and this year by a total of 36 artists, 9 artists in 2020 and 30 artists in 2021. Works came from all over the USA, including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, and from British Columbia.

Among the exhibiting artists are 8 Drawing and Printmaking students, along with their teacher Jamie Schorsch, representing OHHS Art and Design. All Miniprints are “6x”6 and for sale with proceeds going to both the artists and SOS Art.

You can view the OHHS Art and Design prints exhibiting below. Be sure to check out the entire USA Miniprints for Peach and Justice gallery at: https://sosartcincinnati.com/usa-miniprints-for-peace-and-justice-2021-exhibit/

The Tolerance of Nature
Drawing and Printmaking students worked to create drypoint etching compositions based on human impact and interaction with nature that demonstrate the concept of Tolerance, and what nature endures at the hand of man.

OHHS Art and Design Teacher: Jamie Schorsch “Impetus”

“Impetus” serves as commentary in response to the murder of African American man George Floyd on May 25th, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN. Following the murder, demonstrators, protestors, politicians, and mourners memorialized of 8 minutes, 46 seconds as a way to respond to the death of George Floyd and years of police brutality suffered by African Americans. Since that day, the time stamp has been challenged and changed from 7 minutes, 46 seconds to 9 minutes, 29 seconds, but that end result of the Officers action, and inaction, remains. 8 minutes, 46 seconds exists as the rallying point that inspired change. The American Eagle and Crow carry varied symbolism intended to be perceived either as:  abuse of power by those in authority in direct reference to the kneeling on the neck of Georgy Floyd, America attempting to suppress transformation in transcending racist ideologies as symbolized by the Crow, or as Americans uniting in defense of their fellow man against the remnants of the Jim Crow laws.

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