APPROPRIATION:  The term appropriation refers to the use of borrowed elements in the creation of a new work of art, or refers to the new work itself.  Appropriation practice involves the ‘appropriation’ of ideas, symbols, artifacts, image, sound, objects, forms or styles from other cultures, from art history, from popular culture, or other aspects of man-made visual or non-visual culture.  Inherent in our understanding of appropriation is the concept that the new work re-contextualizes whatever it borrows to create the new work. In most cases the original ‘thing’ remains accessible as the original, without change.

The Studio Art AP Drawing and 2D Design students were given the challenge of re-visualize, and responding, to some of the iconic images that were photographed on 9/11/01 and the days that followed.  Through the use of image appropriation, students were able to manipulate the original images and bring their own personal reflection and reaction to the events of that tragic day.

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