ArtCars with ArtWorks

For the third year in a row, ArtWorks created a “Museum of the Streets” by painting and then unleashing ArtCars into the streets of Greater Cincinnati.  ArtCars is a part of StreetScapes: A Street Painting Festival, an annual festival in which masterpieces are transposed onto the sidewalks of Clifton’s Gaslight District. With ArtCars, instead of the sidewalks getting painted, cars get painted!

This year, OHHS Art Teacher Jamie Schorsch led  a team of apprentices on the creation of an M.C. Escher ArtCar inspired by the work “Verbum”.  OHHS Alumni Scott Howard (’11) and Emily Gibbemeyer (’10) served as apprentices on her team.  Current OHHS student, Rupie Spraul, worked with a lead artist on the recreation of Sandro Botecelli’s “Birth of Venus” on his own family’s car- which can now be spotted driving around the West Side of Cincinnati!

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