GENERATION: Upcoming Exhibition of 2 Local Teaching Artists and Selected Student Works

GENERATION is a dialogue reflecting the conceptual and creative process inherent to our work as artistsAs artists we are compelled to create, while acknowledging those who have influenced our work creation, and those to whom we will pass on our wisdom and our passion.

The works displayed represent a collaboration between 2 teachers and their students.  The artwork of Jamie Schorsch and Paul Loehle represent two divergent aesthetics that explore social networking, visual culture, and narrative in contemporary society, and their role in constructing identity.   Student work appearing in the show was created in response to the work of Schorsch and Loehle, as an acknowledgment and exploration of these two aesthetics as they apply to their own journeys.

Ultimately, the dual meaning of GENERATION is revealed to mean:

  1. The process of creating, or generating something original, and how we as artists borrow from those who have come before to realize our own visions.
  2. The inevitable contrast between Generation X and Generation Y represented in the vision of 2 seasoned artists in the midst of their personal and artistic journey and a group of artists who have just begun to travel their own paths.


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