What Did You Do With Your Summer?

This summer, 147 youth Apprentices and 38 professional artists are transforming Cincinnati with 17 amazing public art and community-based projects.

In pursuit of ArtWorks’ goal to paint a mural in every Cincinnati community, ArtWorks partnered with the Villages at Roll Hill to paint the first mural in this neighborhood. The Villages at Roll Hill strives to provide affordable, green housing for its residents. In 2013 the Villages at Roll Hill won a national community development award for its achievements.  The design created by OHHS Art teacher Jamie Schorsch, “Growing Community Connections”, illustrates a visual manifestation of the Villages at Roll Hill. The sprawling landscape that signifies the “Green” nature of the communities redevelopment, channels imagery of the varied Cincinnati skylines observable from the Villages at Roll Hill and leads the viewer through a composition that focuses on a variety of aspects of life present in the community. The design emphasis is placed on the transitions of life from infancy to childhood, adulthood, and ultimately senior status; depicted literally through the progressive ages included in the design and also in the transitional values of the sky representing dawn, day, and twilight. Elements related to services provided to the residents of the Villages at Roll Hill are embedded in the imagery, both through the ribbon that creates a unifying thread in the community, activities that figures are engaged in, and the inclusion of the apprentice artist generated icons that represent the multitude of services available to residents. Outreach and philanthropy, dominant in the community, is depicted through the inclusion of community members’ handprints interwoven into the foliage of the design.  Schorsch had the opportunity to not only design and lead the project, but work alongside one of her OHHS Art students Alyssa Weber.

ArtWorks, 3CDC and the OTR Chamber are partnering to produce a new site-specific mural on the north-facing façade of the building at 1215 Vine.  The goal of the project was to showcase contemporary art, engage local community members, and provide meaningful employment and development for ArtWorks youth Apprentices. This mural reflects both the community’s significant history and vibrant future.  Cincinnati artist and designer Jason Snell, whose own design firm, We Have Become Vikings, is located just steps from the project site, was commissioned to create a fun and informative mural in the burgeoning neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine (OTR). On view indefinitely, this dynamic work will be visible to business owners, shoppers, and countless visitors to OTR.  Contributing to the mural was OHHS Art student Taylor Helms.  Last year, Taylor had the opportunity to work with ArtWorks on the stagecrew that creates backdrops for the Children’s Theater of Cincinnati’s performances.

For a comprehensive list of the mural sites, and artists, created by ArtWorks in Cincinnati, visit:  www.artworkscincinnati.org

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